How it started

Once upon a time in Kenya, in a country full of nature and wildlife a lady selected the finest roses to place around her house.

Every week she would feel upset knowing that these gorgeous flowers would die in such a short period of time. Her dream was to make them last eternally.

Knowing this, her husband that had a background in laboratory science was motivated to make her dream come true. After years of research, trial, and error in 1984, he eventually made her dream come true. Making the finest roses and flowers around Kenya last eternally.

For the past 40 years, Vermont Flowers have been selecting the finest blossoms, foliages and other plant materials in order to create the most exquisite floral designs. Their key element is to ensure that only the finest materials are used so the products are able to retain their freshly-picked aesthetic for years to come, with only low maintenance required. Ultimately fulfilling all botanical desires for an eternity to come.

how it started vermont
“Our mission is to combat mass production by preserving the beauty of nature and extending their lifetime”
— Our Founders

Our Approach

Our factory originates from Kenya, a land full of nature and tropical weather which is a huge benefit for growing flowers.

Kenya is known to be one of the largest exporters of fresh flowers, especially roses.

Vermont Flowers produces all our preserved flowers and foliages in Kenya, our home.

Our flowers are grown in various locations around Kenya. We have our own farm where we grow a variety of plants, in addition, we also work with small-scale local farms. 

We strongly believe in supporting the local farmers in Kenya, subsequently supporting Kenya’s local markets. These elements are the lifeline of our company and without them, our company would not thrive the way it does today.