Vermont Flowers is the inventor of preserved flowers and foliages

We pioneer in producing and exporting the best preserved flowers, foliages and moss around the world.

Hydrangea farm in Kenya

About Us

From a simple dream in Kenya to preserving beauty eternally, Vermont Flowers blends science and nature to create timeless botanical treasures. Discover our unique story and the essence of our creations.

Our Products

Infinity rose light pink

Preserved Flowers

Add long-lasting beauty to your offerings with our Preserved Flowers. Perfect for businesses looking for durable and hassle-free decor options.

Preserved foliage wholesale

Preserved Foliages

Offer your clients the simplicity and lasting appeal of our Preserved Foliages, ideal for creating green spaces without the upkeep.

Preserved Moss

Bring a touch of nature indoors with our easy-care Preserved Moss, a great addition for businesses aiming to enhance their spaces with minimal effort.

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Flower Decor

Supply your customers with our Preserved Floral Arrangements, combining beauty and longevity for decor that stays fresh without any fuss.

Cost-Effective Durability

Preserved products stay fresh-looking longer, slashing the need for frequent buys.

Year-Round Availability

Your favorites are available all year, regardless of the season.

Zero Maintenance

No water, no sunlight, no problem—our products are carefree.

Trusted Expertise

Leverage our 40 years of experience for reliable, quality preserved botanicals that elevate any business space.

Client Testimonials

Honestly, I was skeptical about how 'preserved' these plants could really be, but they've held up impressively. Th team was genuinely helpful every step of the way.
Preserved rose light pink wholesale
Sarah - Austria
Years down the line, and the preserved moss we use hasn't faded a bit. Honestly, I'm amazed at the lasting quality.
Forever rose wholesale
Lucas - France
I was blown away by the variety of preserved flowers available, and over time, their quality has proven unbeatable. Their product range enables us to craft diverse, long-lasting bouquets for our clients.
Infinity rose wholesale
Rachel - USA

Preserved to Perfection since 1981

Our story has been one of passion, innovation, and the eternal beauty of nature captured in each preserved bloom.

Preserved Hydrangeas

preserved hydrangea wholesale
buy Preserved tree fern tiki fern - asparagus virgatus wholesale

Preserved Tree Fern

Preserved Amaranthus

Preserved green hanging amaranthus wholesale