The Vermont factory is based in Kenya. This East African country is an ideal location for flower and foliage farming due to the high altitude and wondeful climate exactly on the Equator. The company is creating opportunities for small African farmers, and creating jobs through the success of our products in many international markets.

To Vermont, the environment, natural resources, health, safety, and welfare of employees are of most importance. The company is committed to the following:

  • Eliminating or controlling our activities or products that may pollute or degrade our environment.
  • Recycling of materials generated in our production processes.
  • Seeking and applying energy-saving practices.
  • Avoiding using materials that pose health and safety risk.
  • Securing the health, safety and welfare of all our employees, clients, visitors and persons working on our behalf.
  • Meeting our social responsibilities, through our welfare committee that looks into employee needs. Employees are encouraged to save money at the Vermont Co-operative Society to meet their future financial needs.